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Listen up, my friends.

I once again need help with the IoS Route that extends to Kellstorphe, but a different kind of help.

Thanks to :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, I was able to get the route to work, as well as the Si3D RWS route, so that I could create a session or something, but now I have a new kind of problem with the Kellstorphe extension route.  Two problems, in fact.

My first problem is that when the IoS Kellstorphe Extension route opens (since I need help with that, first), no grass, railroad track, dirt, road pavement, platforms and whatnot doesn't appear in the route.  It's almost like an empty blueprint paper, and without railroad tracks to show me where I am, I... I don't know where I'm starting.

Another problem to that is I tried to download what was needed and missing through the content manager, and perhaps the download station several times over, but I keep getting a notice that says "Unable to download, the server appears to be full, please try again later..."

The same problems occur in the RWS IoS Route, too.

And because I use the 2010 version of Trainz, I may even need help in getting some of the 2012 models and models from elsewhere to work, too.

Can anyone help me with this, please?  I need you, to those who do use Trainz, be it from 2009, 10, 12, and A New Era, to help me with this, and perhaps ask other Trainz users to help me with this, too.

If you can, I'd be very grateful.
Listen up, guys.  While I'm still trying to find and download the full pony creator game and put it on my desktop, I need your help with something else, this time.

I have a problem with the IoS Route that extends from Knapford all the way to Kellstorphe.  While I have it in my simulator, I can't go into, or create a session in it for some odd reason.  I mean, every time I try to, I keep getting a notice that says something about it, like that the route is either damaged, missing or missing its dependencies.

I've already added the dependencies, but it still won't come up.

Can anyone help me correct this problem, please?

And while one or a few of you are helping me correct this problem I have, I also need to ask you this:

Is the old IoS Route, the one before Kellstorphe was added, still downloadable and useable?  I hope I can use that, as many others and I did before.

So, please, can anyone help me with this?

And in addition to that, I'm ready for the model of my reskin colors, now, :iconyellow-dash-1998:.
Guys, my fellow friends, and even :icongeneralzoi: (if you're there), I want you all to listen in on this, and believe me when I say it, too.

Unless any of you aren't listening, I can easily access, find and play the creator on both dolldivine and on DeviantArt, that's one thing.

But with a problem happening with the flash player I have in this first new computer of mine that I have, I can't.  And I'm not kidding, nor lying when I say this, but that game was downloadable before, and while I have it on my old one, I'm trying to find and download pony creator onto my desktop, so I can use it easily, but I can't find it anywhere.

It was once downloaded from funnygames, but now I can't download it.

And what I'm saying, unless neither of you are believing me about this at all, is that the game was downloadable once before, both the full and v3 versions.  And the full version I'm trying to find is still downloadable, or at least it's supposed to be.  That means that it can be downloaded, saved and playable on the desktop.

If any of you are understanding this, and reading this right...

And if any of you are also listening in on this, and if it's not too much trouble, too...

Can someone please help me find the game?  It's downloadable as I said, and unless I'm right, it's saved as either ponycreator.exe or

Does anyone understand what I'm saying at all?
Today we (I above all) give our sympathies and condolences to their families, and honor the memories of the 12 students and 42-year old teacher Dave Sanders who all died this very day in 1999, at the shooting of Columbine High School in Denver, Colorado. :(

One of the worst high school massacres in American History.
Hey, guys, I've seen a new trailer to the upcoming Cars 3 film that will speed its way to theaters in June 15 or 16 this year, along with the 5th Live-Action Transformers film.

However, while I'm looking forward to seeing the full film itself, I kept on having a curious thought and theory about McQueen's crash in watching the first trailer, and I have some clips to show, too.

Because I saw how many times he flipped in his crash during the new trailer (possibly 14, 15, maybe 20), I wonder...

Will his crash be like that of Tony Stewart, Mark Martin, Ward Burton

Steve Park

Cole Trickle from Days Of Thunder

Richard Petty

Dale Earnhardt Sr

Earnhardt Jr

Jeff Gordon

Elliott Sadler or Kurt Busch

Or whoever else you can see, pick, and theorize in these clips

I mean, it's like I said before, true I'm looking forward to seeing the whole film, but at the same time, in watching the Cars 3 trailers, I wonder how and what Lightning McQueen's crash will be like, since he had blown a tire before his flip.

What do you guys think?
Listen up, guys.

I don't know if anyone saw or read my previous status update before yesterday's updates, mostly since no-one said anything on it, but I need to ask again...

Does anyone have the 2009 model of James for Trainz at all?

I mean, thanks to a few of you, I have the 2009 models of Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, Percy, and the Arlesdale engines.  I even managed to find and save those models myself, too, but the 2009 model of James is the last 2009 Thomas model I need.

So, please, if anyone has it at all, and if any of you can ask people on here or YouTube who use Trainz, I need the 2009 model of James.

If you can help me with this, I'd be very grateful...
Hello, everyone.

I have some good news for all of you, but I'll also need some assistance about something I need help with, after I deliver the good news.

First, the good news is, my computer has finally come back home, and in spite of the fact that it's a tad slow, and that the battery still doesn't hold a charge (while I plan to get a new one sometime in the next two or three months), everything for me, art- and YouTube-wise, is going to go back into full swing very soon!  :)

That means more time in making some MLP scenes, more Thomas scenes and such in half the time it usually takes me on a library computer, and it also means I'll probably not have to use my local library computer as much as I used to, now.  ;)

This is good news, but even though I got that out of the way, this is what I need help with, and the following deviants will be mentioned:

:iconthomasfanforever:, :iconwildnorwester:, :iconnictrain123:, :icondarthassassin:, :iconthomasthetrainz12:, :iconenginenumber14:, :iconknightridergirl80:, :iconsteamdiesel:, :iconno1thomasfan:, :iconmondojawan:, maybe even :iconthomas1edward2henry3:, and I didn't think I would ever mention you again, but also :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, :iconmk513:, and to anyone else and your friends that use Trainz Simulator:

I'm getting ready to put my Trainz Simulator back on my computer, but these are the things I need your help with:

1-- On the Sodor Island 3D Island of Sodor Trainz route, I need help in replacing the faulty 2010 Knapford station building with the 2009 building.  I will also require the missing dependencies needed to use the route.

2-- Because I was able to save the 2009 Edward, Henry, Toby, Mike, Rex, Bert, Frank and Jock models, I need you to do this for me, as well as ask your friends this, too:  If anyone has been able to keep or save the 2009 Thomas, James, Gordon and Percy models, as well as other 2009 Thomas content, such as rolling stock, routes and such, I need those, too.  I will also need the 2010 Henry model, too.  Please, I need those if you have them, and also ask your friends if they do, too.

3-- This is something I may need more than just :iconwildnorwester:'s help with, but I need help in adding and running wildnorwester's models.

4-- I will require assistance needed in installing, adding and using the 2006 Thomas models, as well as the ones we've made and reskinned, like :iconwynterstar93:'s Kira model.  I'll need some assistance in running those, as well as the 2006 RWS models, including the 2006 reskinned Timothy, Georgina and Midnight models, even the Murdoch model.

5-- If anyone has the 2012 Adventure Begins Thomas and James models, and perhaps 2012 blue Henry model, I need that, too.

6-- :iconthomasthetrainz12:, I need help adding and running your model.

And finally, :iconmondojawan:, if you please... because I was a close friend of :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, and perhaps still am... I would really like to use your short-tanked Timothy model.

If anyone can help me with any of those, please, I could use the help.  And if you help me, one deviant and Trainz user to another, I'd be very grateful.

Anyway, all this is good news, but I also hope you can help me with the things I need.  Please.
To all my DevaintART friends.

I can't believe I'm saying this, even since I've been talking to Liz about it yesterday, but after what's been happening between my friends, brothers and sisters, I just have to say this out loud, no matter how much I shout, and pardon my French:


I hate it when friends fight with, yell at, and curse each other out over one simple little thing!!

I mean no offense when I say this, too, and if I do I'm sorry.

I hope each of you are happy with what you've done to each other!!  You've all jeopardized each other's friendship, and look where it ended up getting you!  You've ended up blocking each other, and criticizing each other, too!!

I think it time that all this stop. DevaintART should be a place for all of us to share ideas and artwork. Not a place to argue and fight. On this site we should work together which is why I want it to stop and I'm sure you want it too.

Just think deep into your thoughts and ask yourself, "Where is that kindness now, and that good will?  What would anyone say if they saw you like this, now?  You'd end up holding a petty grudge, and you'd end up hating and disliking each other for years to come."

Can't you all just stop acting like children, make amends, stop acting like jerks, and be friends again?

Must we always go on hurting each other?

And if you don't want to be friends with each other, or more importantly me, since I'm tired of this fighting, then...

*voice breaking* :tears: :sniff: :tears: what am I, or we... supposed to do, now...? :cries:
Guys, if you just now saw my status update mentioning this, here's the news bulletin of India declaring war against Pakistan!

All I can say to this is that not only am I amazed and perhaps happy about it, but for God, Country, Ashima, Ishani and Rajiv...

Hello, everyone.

To all of the following deviants I mention

:iconblueengineliz6:, :iconsteamdiesel:, :iconburntuakrisp:, :icondanielarkansanengine:, :iconroseprincessmitia:, :icontrainman3985:, :iconjamesfan1991:, :iconnoahthegreentank:, :iconagent555:, :iconcj-the-creator:, :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, :iconnetgreen123:, :iconsodormatchmaker:, :icondarthassassin:, :iconmechatrain150:, :icontobyandmavisforever:, :iconwynterstar93:, :iconthomasthetrainz12:, :iconthedirtytrain1:, :iconlgee14:, :iconkanetakerfan701:, :iconthomasfanforever:, :iconknightridergirl80:,

If you've all seen this previous journal entry a while back Story Idea I had In MindHello, everyone.
To all of my fellow friends and deviants who actually saw the US/UK version of Thomas & Friends: The Great Race, I speak to the following: :iconblueengineliz6:, :iconsteamdiesel:, :iconburntuakrisp:, :icondanielarkansanengine:, :iconroseprincessmitia:, :icontrainman3985:, :iconjamesfan1991:, :iconnoahthegreentank:, :iconagent555:, :iconkindkristy99:, :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, :iconnetgreen123:, :iconsodormatchmaker:, :icondarthassassin:, :icontobyandmavisforever:, :iconwynterstar93:, :iconthomasthetrainz12:, :iconthedirtytrain1:, :iconlgee14:, :iconkanetakerfan701:, and for those who have yet to see it, I just had a very clever idea of something, after seeing it, twice.  :)
Like my story, Thomas Leaves Sodor, taking place in the middle of Lost Treasure, and if and after watching the Great Race a few more times these coming days, I thought about making a story based on that movie!
I don't know if it'll take place before, in the middle, or after The Great Race,

I'm happy to say that after watching The Great Race on PBS today, and in spite of my medical condition regarding my high BP and pulse still remaining, I'm ready to finally write, make, and put together my very own sequel to the movie special.

sodormatchmaker had already helped me come up with the title for the story, and I already have the plot figured out.  So I'll not ask for help unless I need it, but otherwise, as I said in the journal mentioned, this story I'm getting ready to write would be sure to get some screenshot scenes made of it, both in sprite and SI3D form!

So get your Trainz Simulators and MS Paint ready!

In this story, I'll include Ashima, Flying Scotsman, Georgina, a few other Sodor characters (maybe the a few of the international characters), and one of my friends in this story, too.

You may even catch a few references in this story, too, be it Disney, non-Disney, even references from some old childhood TV shows from long ago, too.  ;)

So, stay tuned, pay attention, and be on the look out for the first chapter, I hope you'll enjoy reading it, and once again, get your Trainz Simulators and MS Paint ready for SI3D and/or sprite scenes!  ;)  ^^
Hello, everyone.

First, before I start, I'm not sure whether or not to remove and discard my previous journal yet, since I'm still focused on this... martial law thing.


With the 15th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks, I found something on youtube that I think you might like to see.

Some of you may have only seen the documentary itself before, as well as different documentaries from National Geographic, History and all, but from Allec Joshua Ibay on Youtube...

Although this Flight Simulator is supposed to be a game, like Trainz Simulator, this is what I found:

The North Tower Attack:

The final moments of Flight 11:

How Flight 11 hit the North Tower:

The South Tower Attack:

Inside The Twin Towers:

The Pentagon Attack:

Pentagon Attack Case Study:

The Flight That Fought Back:

George W. Bush's 9/11 Interview:

And finally, Onboard Air Force One:

You may or may not like what you see, or even if you don't want to, that's okay.  Although, you might find a few humorous things that went on, but seeing each of these videos and documentaries, they all show, minute by minute, what really happened aboard the hijacked Flights, Air Force One, in Sarasota, and most of all, what really happened inside the World Trade Center, on the day America came under attack.
Hello, everyone.

I got some good news, and I also got some bad news.

If you've just seen :iconblueengineliz6:'s journal here Jarrod's Alright!A late post but I have to share this wonderful news. So Jarrod (:iconfavoriteartman:) has given me reports on what has been happening: the hurricane had passed and nothing terrible has happened to him or his home. There were high winds and rain, a tornado warning in his area but never struck, a hospital (which I believe where he works) was on fire and luckily the staff and patients managed to evacuate. So as of now, the end results is only a few thunderstorms but nothing serious.
Folks, we all kept Jarrod in our prayers and they seemed to work since we care about this guy so much. Jarrod's happy, alive and well and he requests (if you want) to create a relief deviant for him. Jarrod's alright folks! The hurricane wasn't much damage to his home, however, I dunno how bad the damage is to the rest of the area during the hurricane. So we should at least pay tribute to those who may be injured, lost homes, etc. during the storm.
the good news is that I'm all right, in one piece and still alive.  The hurricane has passed, the tornado threat is long gone, and even though there's still some slight rain every now and then in my hometown, the flood waters are slowly receding.  The hospital that I work at close to me has been re-opened today, after a 4-day shutdown after the generator caught fire from a lightning strike in the storm.

So things for me are slowly returning to normal for me.

That's the good news.

However, this is the bad news, and you better brace yourselves when I tell you, because you'll end up posting shocking reactions to the bad news.

The bad news is, 2 1/2 days ago, our sorry excuse of a President, Barrack Obama, has declared martial law on our country!  I don't know if any of you, in America, worldwide and elsewhere, saw it on the news, youtube, or elsewhere, but it's true!  My mother was watching the news on her smartphone, and it happened late midnight, three nights ago!

I could tell, because she said that for one reason, the state of Boston was put under military lockdown, and that the military was looking for the man behind the Boston Marathon, for he had escaped from prison and is now on the loose again!  Another reason I found out, is because people with bank accounts, no matter what age, will end up losing any and all the money they've worked so hard to save, and it will all end up going to Washington.  Where, I don't know, so my mom and I took precautions, and withdrew whatever we wanted to take out of our accounts, and keep them hidden safe.

For another reason about Obama declaring martial law, I think you better see this

This isn't fake; it's real!

So, you better brace yourselves and protect your bank accounts at all costs!

That's the bad news!
Hello, everyone.

To all of my fellow friends and deviants who actually saw the US/UK version of Thomas & Friends: The Great Race, I speak to the following: :iconblueengineliz6:, :iconsteamdiesel:, :iconburntuakrisp:, :icondanielarkansanengine:, :iconroseprincessmitia:, :icontrainman3985:, :iconjamesfan1991:, :iconnoahthegreentank:, :iconagent555:, :iconcj-the-creator:, :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, :iconnetgreen123:, :iconsodormatchmaker:, :icondarthassassin:, :icontobyandmavisforever:, :iconwynterstar93:, :iconthomasthetrainz12:, :iconthedirtytrain1:, :iconlgee14:, :iconkanetakerfan701:, and for those who have yet to see it, I just had a very clever idea of something, after seeing it, twice.  :)

Like my story, Thomas Leaves Sodor, taking place in the middle of Lost Treasure, and if and after watching the Great Race a few more times these coming days, I thought about making a story based on that movie!

I don't know if it'll take place before, in the middle, or after The Great Race, and I don't have a specifically plotted idea for the story yet, but since I have a few ideas, I think, like Thomas Leaves Sodor, it would be sure to get some screenshot scenes made of it, both in sprite and SI3D form!

I know that some of the international engines, like Ashima, Gina, Yong Bao, and the others haven't even been made for SI3D Trainz, or would perhaps be private models, but like Thomas Leaves Sodor (since I still want to one day make one), I also thought about making this story I want to one day write into an audio story, too.

And I'll even be including the Flying Scotsman in it, too!

This announcement is sure to have an amazing reaction, and you can even post a reaction to it, too.  ;)

Anyway, I may need a little time to come up with a plot for this story I want to write, but when and until I post my first chapter of it, be on the lookout for it!

And also be ready to make some Trainz 3D screenshots of it, if you can, too.  ^^

That means you, too, :iconshinewubbortiz2199:...
Hello, everyone.

To all of my fellow friends and deviants who read my story, Thomas Leaves Sodor, I speak to the following: :iconblueengineliz6:, :iconsteamdiesel:, :iconburntuakrisp:, :icondanielarkansanengine:, :iconroseprincessmitia:, :icontrainman3985:, :iconjamesfan1991:, :iconnoahthegreentank:, :iconagent555:, :iconcj-the-creator:, :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, :iconnetgreen123:, :iconsodormatchmaker:, :icondarthassassin:, :icontobyandmavisforever:, :iconwynterstar93::, :iconthomasthetrainz12:, :iconthedirtytrain1:, :iconlgee14:, :iconnascar2215:, and to whoever else did or didn't, like :iconkanetakerfan701:, I know you may have all enjoyed reading it, but now, well...

I need your help with something.

I've been meaning to post this particular journal for a few weeks, now, but if any of you saw this journal by :iconthe-dreamer-queen: No more Critisism!OK, so a few days ago, a guy named :iconEuanM2: was critising me just for painting Thomas in his original colors with the National Railway Engines,

Just because :iconFavoriteArtMan: said in his story that the National Railway was once Thomas' old railway line.
Now I don't care if this is accurate or not, it was not my story to begin with and I was just drawing that picture as a gift.  
As as the old saying goes, "If you got nothing to say nice, then don't say nothing at all." or else I'll have you blocked! Angered 
I have to take some drastic action with my story, this time, get it fully and completely right, and then one day get Euan off my back, once and for all.

But I need your help with this, since I can't do it alone.

But very first and foremost, don't ask me about auditioning for the story; worry about it later, all right?  Oy!


Because :iconiscreamer1: said to me that Thomas' old home railway "should be "ex-LBSCR" because, today, Brighton is now run by Network Rail/National Rail and formerly, British Railways (Southern Railway prior to nationalization)", and because Euan himself criticized about it, saying "it's actually further east and near Scotland and the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway was at the South part of England", I need those I mentioned in this journal to help me with this.

Shine/Jordan him/herself helped me with this a tad, but this is the research I need your help with, on this link of the LB&SCR,_…

What I need your help with is the list of stations that are listed in the page, and if some are located near sidings, roundhouse sheds, repair sheds and shunting sidings.

And most ultimately of all, I need to find out what the LB&SCR is really called today, and if it either has the same or different name, or if it's since been turned into a mainline, or still remained a branch line.

So, please, I need your help with this, and I can't do it alone at all.

If you can, and can list the names of stations on the railway, even if some are ocated near sidings, roundhouse sheds, repair sheds and shunting sidings in the comment you post, I would gratefully appreciate it, and then it'll be a big help to giving one last edit to my story.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Hello, everyone.

For the following deviants like :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, :iconlgee14:, :iconburntuakrisp:, :icondan--phil-forever: :iconsteamdiesel:, :iconnetgreen123:, :icontrainman3985:, :icontobyandmavisforever:, :iconroseprincessmitia:, :iconhandsomehenry123:, :iconxicemaidenx:, :iconblueengineliz6:, :icongenerosityheart:, :iconultimatealexandra1:, :iconrisingsunyamamoto98:, :iconmustangrio:, :iconaileen-rose:, :iconlittleb-rockstar13:, :iconjamesthunder:, :icondanielarkansanengine:, :iconmlpfimlover97:, :iconknightridergirl80:, :iconkanetakerfan701:, :iconthomasfanforever:, :iconladylunarscorpio: and :iconknightridergirl80:...

Along with a few other journals that I'll be posting in the later coming months (not right now, though), I'm posting this particular one with some news, plans and updates that I think you might like to, and need to hear, too.

First and foremost, and with this being the news, first, since I'm still expecting them from Shine (at anytime, too, since you said he needs them by the end of August), I've been given the job to do the role of Percy in Ghost Train II: The Clinchfield Curse, for Glen's film.

I might have a bit of a delay in doing them, not just because I need them, but even though I have a new computer, yes, it's as slow as snails' pace, and there's little I can do without not having these "not responding" notices, and with waiting almost forever for anything, or any program to work.  But regardless, I promised Glen I'd do this role, and I'll have them done and ready before the final week of August.

Second of all, with this being the updates, now, I had a very clever idea about something a few nights, and weeks ago, since I was telling Liz about them.

My idea, since I want to do this, soon, is to write five stories of The Adventure Begins for Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon and James, from each engines' point of view, as if they were the ones telling the story, and as if you were watching it from they're own point of view.  That's something that's sure to make and earn screenshots (2D, Trainz, etc) for the story, if you feel up to it.  :)  I mean, each story will say, for example, "The Adventure Begins: Thomas' POV".  (POV means point of view). 

It'll take time to do those, but then once they're done, I'm also going to be doing a Thomas story about The Flying Scotsman, and Scotty will be the one telling the story, himself.  This is going to require research, yes, as well as watching a documentary of him on his Austrailian tour, his appearance in the Railway Series, and all his work and adventures leading up to his rebuild, and the Great Race, where he makes his first full appearance.

But it'll be worth the write, and perhaps sure to earn screenshots for the story, too.  ;)

Third of all, with this being the update, I've made a deciding plan, and I think that as tough, hard and perhaps disappointing as it may sound to any of you, I should tell you anyway.

Following my role of Percy in Glen's Clinchfield Curse story, and once that's done... *takes a deep breath, then lets it out* this will be the last time I voice for anyone, or make any appearance whatsoever in anyone's series.

And Cameron :iconlgee14:, I'm not asking you to not include me in your work or stories anymore, because I love and enjoy them as much as your kids do with me, too.  And I really enjoy your work, too, :iconburntuakrisp:, and :iconsteamdiesel:, so you two can continue including me, even you, Liz.

But the reason I'm saying this too, is because regardless of my computer issues, I don't get as much appearances anywhere as I had one day hoped anymore, not even in some of Michael's Gmod comics, (No offense, Michael.  :worry: ), or even in my Thomas sprite form, either.  I often keep seeing myself as a demoted cameo character like Rosie, since the start of Season 17.

So, like Season 16 being Sharon Miller's last season as headwriter, and the last season for both Michaels (Brandon and Angelis) as narrator, Ghost Train II: The Clinchfield Curse will be my last time for me to do and take the role of any character.  That doesn't, however, mean that I won't stop making character sprites and scenes, or perhaps MLP scenes either, but I guess what I'm saying is that I don't feel like appearing in any scene or comic anymore... maybe because I feel that I don't deserve it, or something.  I don't know.

I do want to one day voice for :iconaileen-rose: someday, though, since I asked if I could help, but I don't know if you heard me, my good friend/DA sister.

Anyway, that's all the news, plans and updates I wanted to give to you all and explain what I wanted to say.

Thank you for reading this, and please keep your negative comments, as well as your foul and bad language to yourself.
Hey, guys!

For the following deviants like :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, :iconlgee14:, :iconburntuakrisp:, :icondan--phil-forever: :iconsteamdiesel:, :iconnetgreen123:, :icontrainman3985:, :icontobyandmavisforever:, :iconroseprincessmitia:, :iconhandsomehenry123:, :iconkimmy-faith-raven:, :iconblueengineliz6:, :icongenerosityheart:, :iconultimatealexandra1:, :iconrisingsunyamamoto98:, :iconmustangrio:, :iconaileen-rose:, :iconlittleb-rockstar13:, :iconjamesthunder:, :icondanielarkansanengine:, :iconmlpfimlover97:, :iconknightridergirl80:, :iconkanetakerfan701:, :iconthomasfanforever:, :iconladylunarscorpio: and :iconknightridergirl80:...

You know how you sometimes look through certain places in your house, or perhaps for something on youtube that brings back any childhood memories at all, which you remember from a long time ago, back when you were just a kid?

Well, guess what?  Just the other week, I found one more thing on youtube that I used to have on VHS, and it made my childhood be reborn again, thinking it would be long lost, forever!

In fact, I found four childhood memories on here, and I just thought I'd show them to you, too.  ^^

This first one, Hobart And Cosmo: On The Tracks, is one of my all-time favorites that I just loved to death

This next one, Mickey Mouse, Episode 119, Symphony Hour, I just loved the music itself to death

Silly Symphony, Music Land from 1935

(these are the other two from the Peter & The Wolf VHS film, although I could swear I found the first one somewhere...)

And finally, this recent one that I found just a week and a half ago...

From Publisher's Choice, Real Life Giant Construction Equipment for Kids

Where you join Hard Hat Harry the Construction Workers Genie and his young friends Max and Alex, as they travel to major construction sites to see massive machinery in action.  Just a little sprinkle with magic gravel and away you'll go!

I can't believe this...

Suddenly, I... :happycry: I feel like a child again with these long lost memories now back to me... :aww:

Have you guys ever seen these, before?  If so, that's great!

If not, what are the childhood memory films you used to watch, and thought were long lost?

Feel free to share your childhood memory film, and what do you think of this?

Seriously, what do you think?  ^^
Hey, guys.

Since some of us are all excited for the upcoming special, The Great Race, I just now had a very curious thought about something.

Remember how February this year celebrated the fully completed and rebuilding of Gordon's last surviving brother, the Flying Scotsman?

Well, ever since I once made and posted this video thanking Andrew Brenner for Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, as well as the excitement leading up to it, and since I was talking with :icontrainman3985:, :iconshinewubbortiz2199: and :iconknightridergirl80: about this at one time, during one of our Skype calls...

It's one thing to celebrate the completion of his rebuild, since that's one reason why he's appearing in this special, but I'm just beginning to think, too, that maybe...

Just maybe...

Could it also have been possible that Brenner maybe saw this, and heard me?!

If yes, then wow!!! :O
In conjunction with this Which Gordon And Henry Is Better, Look-Wise? by FavoriteArtMan since I recently submitted it, I have another one "which one is better" question for the following:

:iconshinewubbortiz2199: :iconsteamdiesel: :iconsodormatchmaker: :icontrainman3985: :icondanielarkansanengine: :iconblueengineliz6: :iconcj-the-creator: and :iconnictrain123:.  And to other Thomas & Friends sprite makers.

This is my question:

Like the deviation I mentioned of Gordon and Henry...

Which Flying Scotsman sprite looks much better and more detailed, look-wise?

JamesFan1991's Flying Scotsman the LNER A3 Engine by JamesFan1991  or, even though I give credit to :iconnictrain123: regardless, mine Flying Scotsman Sprites, For JamesFan1991 by FavoriteArtMan Flying Scotsman USA Tour by FavoriteArtMan

The reason I ask is because JamesFan1991's looks too much like Gordon (no offense to him).
Get a load of this Scotsman-xlarge by FavoriteArtMan