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Marie The WWI And II E2 Veteran by FavoriteArtMan Marie The WWI And II E2 Veteran by FavoriteArtMan
As inspired by some of :iconnictrain123:'s posts of Thomas, Edward and Gordon in WWII black, and like the Flying Scotsman being WWII black, as well, it's given me an idea for Marie, as well as an idea of a story I feel like writing, that keeps playing over and over in my mind, even though I haven't really written it just yet.

I was even telling :icondr2017: about it, too, and I'm even basing this closely on what the narrator of The Land Before Time 14 says, as the film is being introduced.

So, this is Marie, Thomas' mother, painted in World War I and World War II black.

And here's how I have part of the story planned out:

"The perils of war and the time-changing years had claimed his brothers and sisters of the E2-Class, and kept him separated from his mother. Then one day, a miraculous day came. Thomas and his mother, Marie, were reunited.

During the time they were apart, Marie had served her time as a veteran in both World Wars, carrying munitions, tanks, soldiers and wounded. This meant she couldn't stay with Thomas on Sodor. Marie wanted her son to join her, and Thomas also wanted to be with his mother. But he also didn't want to leave his friends. So, Thomas made the tough decision to stay with his friends and controller.

Nowadays, when the snows melt, and spring makes its first peak, Thomas looks forward to a reunion with his mother.  It's a reunion he dreams about, all year long. And it will be happening today."

What do you think, and be it TV or RWS, which one do you like best?  :)
nickboggia1 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
rws i say
LGee14 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
That looks cool.
nickboggia1 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
wow thomas has a mother?
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