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If any of you guys had seen this Should I Voice For WNN, MLP Gmoders, Or Not? by FavoriteArtMan there's one vote for yes, so far.

What do you all think?

You can even pass this on, if you wish.

Unsure: 0
No: 0
Yes: 1
Should I Voice For WNN, MLP Gmoders, Or Not? by FavoriteArtMan
Should I Voice For WNN, MLP Gmoders, Or Not?
Like :iconburntuakrisp: a couple years ago, or perhaps last year, now this is me wondering debating if I should voice for :iconwildnorwester:, since I really want to, but never had a chance, since some roles are already taken.  :(

I'm even wondering and debating if anyone like :iconedplus: and :iconargodaemon:, or someone else like those two, would let me voice for any of their MLP Gmod videos, since I have my own ponysona, and I can voice other characters, too, like Discord.

I mean, I already voice for :iconjamesfan1991:, and I only play one role for :icontobyandmavisforever:, as Peter Sam, and I often appear in comic strips by :icontrainman3985: but I wish I could voice for other people's series, in those I tagged and mentioned.  :shrug:

I could even do a role in someone's Thomas Trainz series, too; I'm good.

I even want my wife to be in someone's Gmod MLP videos, since she has her own ponysona, along with some of my other friends and family members...

What do you think?

Answer in your comments below.

If you think I should, we'll make a vote of it.

If not, perhaps I should retire from voice acting.  :(
Jeremiah and the Midnight Hunter – a story and film by Jarrod Prieto

Chapter 2: Last Day, And The Kind Offer

*As if in a dream, a sudden, possible flashback is shown, showing the remains of some passenger coaches, a wrecked train, believed to be a diesel railcar, from its shape and looks, as well as a medium-sized steam engine in the wreckage, surrounded by fire and smoke.  Then, back to present-day time in my shed, the doors are open, and my driver arrives to get me started, with reminding news*

My driver: Our last day, big Jarrod.  The manager expects the resignation of me and your fireman tomorrow, and you’re to be decommissioned after your last travel.

Jarrod: Then… what’s today even for?

My driver: A farewell train, I guess.  The passengers are looking forward to one last ride in your coaches, and with Belle and Bianca, too.  Not to mention that your manager’s also been informed and made arrangements about our resignation and decommissioning you, too.

Jarrod: I don’t think it’ll make any difference at all, but if it’s a final ride they want, we’ll take the second track to the right, and straight on till the end.
*when my crew had finished preparing me, and had built up steam, I came out of the shed, ready to take my coaches on my last passenger run.  After bringing my coaches to the platform, Belle was already at the front, so that I could double-head with her.  As I buffered, then coupled up to her, she spoke with words of comfort*

Belle: Look at it this way, honey… as much as Bianca and I have for you, the passengers are all here for us.  They’re still our passengers, and these are still your coaches, too.

Jarrod: *softly* Thank you, Belle.  *takes them to the platform with Belle assisting from behind me*

Passengers: *speak in amazement, then remark about the last day of my service, as some even remark about how quaint I am, or lack thereof*

Jarrod: *narrating* It was then I realized the truth, being that some of these passengers hardly cared, and that it was their last chance to see me in action, on this railway.  It made me feel small inside my boiler.  I also felt something different, too… that instead of taking my train, they’d only use horse carriages and other road vehicles.  *pulls away from the station with Belle* They were already forgetting about me, as if I either wasn’t there at all, or never existed.

*as midday comes and on our last journey, as it progresses, Belle and I make one final stop at Arley station to let off some passengers.*

One Passenger: So long, Jarrod; we’re all sorry that today is your last run.

Jarrod: *sadly* I am, too.

*the shunter uncoupled me from my coaches, and had also uncoupled Belle from the back, and she came around to be next to me.  Before Belle could give me words of comfort, though…*

Female figure: Hello there.
Female alicorn: Greetings, my dear engine.

Jarrod: *slightly confused and startled*  Uh… hello.  Can I help you two?

Female figure: My name is Emily Helen Hatt, and this is Princess Celestia.  I apologize for coming by so soon, but we wanted to have a word with you.

Princess Celestia: Yes, we did.  Now, uh… Jeremiah, is it?

Jarrod: Jarrod, yes.  The only call me Jeremiah, and as a nickname, since some say that my name makes them think of a biblical name.  But Jarrod’s my real name.  What can I do for both of you?

Princess Celestia: Well, Jarrod, Emily Hatt and I wanted to praise you for your run.  You’ve given these passengers a very smooth ride.  You’ve even given me and her a very good ride, and we were both comfortable with it.

Jarrod: Thank you, ma’am, Your Highness.

Emily Hatt: She’s right.  *looking at Belle* This 2-6-4 tank engine next to you made it more better, as well as safe.  Are you two together?

Jarrod: Yes, ma’am, Your Highness.  Belle and I have been together for as long as I can remember, and we got married in February earlier this year, too.

Emily Hatt: Well, in that case, I give a small applaud to both of you.

Princess Celestia: And I raise my crown to both of you, too.  You can even call me just Celestia, by the way, if you want to.

Emily Hatt: Now, then, getting onto business, I think this may be my first time speaking to two tank engines this size before.  I mean, my late father, Sir Richard Topham Hatt, has two tank engines your size working on his railway, and he even told me about them, too, but neither Celestia nor I ever had a chance to actually speak to one, to be honest.

Jarrod: Well, you’re both lucky to have seen and caught this train then, ma’am, for this is my last day of service.  The manager expects my crew’s resignation tomorrow, and I get decommissioned tomorrow, too, along with Belle and Bianca.

Princess Celestia: Who’s Bianca, if I may ask?

Belle: My twin sister.

Emily Hatt: I see.  And I can only imagine that both of you haven’t had any luck in taking any passengers or goods, even these ones making light on this last day of yours.

Jarrod: No, not a bit, ma’am, Your Highness.

Princess Celestia: Hmm, well we’ll tell you what.  Emily and I were both impressed and proud of your performances  today, and thinking about it, we both realize that the work force on both our railways has been, shall I say, rather limited, and my own kingdom, and the kingdom of another princess has been a little that way, too.

Emily Hatt: Yes, so, what we would both like to know is, would you like to consider working for both of us?  You two can not only work and live for us, but we can also find a way to turn you both into little ponies, too.

Jarrod: *almost speechless* What?  I… uh, I— I don’t know, ma’am, Your Highness.  I mean, this is a big, even for Bianca, what you’re offering us.  I think I… might need some time to think it over.

Belle: I think I do, as well.  So, neither of you mind, do you?

Princess Celestia: Oh, no, not at all.  Emily and I are both on a vacationing tour for the next two weeks, so take as long as you need to decide.  We’ll both understand and respect to whatever decisions you come to.

Jarrod: Thank you two.  *to Belle*  Let’s talk in the sidings.

Belle: *follows behind*

*I needed to take on some more water and coal for the last time, anyway.  As we got to the sidings, and as I came to a stop, Belle spoke, first*

Belle: Jarrod, can you believe and realize it?  A new railway, and a magical land to work and live on, as well as make friendships there!  Neither of us have to be shut up in our sheds, and you don’t have to be decommissioned, after all!  We can still pull trains, carry passengers and goods!  And even Bianca and I can do lots more for the citizens and engines there, too!  *I was listening, yes, but at the same time, I was also looking a little more sad and unsure than I already was* Oh, please, honey, tell me that you’re not actually thinking about declining their offer to you.  Please tell us you’re not… *looks worried*

Jarrod: I don’t know, Belle.  It’s just that, well… this is huge and I don’t think I can think straight, or even make of this.  I mean, I’ve lived here forever, and I always visited the British Railways all my life, too.  So, I don’t know anything about Emily and Celestia’s railway, her kingdom, what all goes on there, or any of the engines and citizens.  I don’t know if I’d even be good enough to be friends with any of them, since I hardly had any.  Not to mention—

Belle *interrupting*: Jarrod…

Jarrod: What?

Belle: No lies, nor excuses.

Jarrod: *narrating* Sometimes I had to remind either Belle or Bianca, perhaps both, that one was being too hyper, maybe even pompous, or something else like that.  And sometimes one or both of them had to remind me about lies and excuses.  We were often compatible and on each other’s bunkers about that, too.  It often bothered each other at times, and sometimes it didn’t.  *returning to Emily Hatt and Princess Celestia with Belle* So, I made up my mind and decision.

Emily Hatt: *turning to see us, as Princess Celestia does the same* You wanted to see us, Jarrod?

Jarrod: *smiling a little* Yes, I did, ma’am, Your Majesty.  Belle, Bianca and I’d like to take you up on your offers.
JATMH, Chapter 2
Now, here we are, with the short-awaited and now complete chapter of Jeremiah and the Midnight Hunter, written by me, based on the story, Tobias and the Half-Pariah, from and inspired by :icontinesaeriel:.

Belle, Bianca and I are ready for the end, but along comes Princess Celestia and Emily Helen Hatt, who are kindly and generously offering and asking if I'd like to work for them.

Will I, or will the three of us stay behind, get locked up, and will I be decommissioned?

Read and find out!

Just follow along with the movie Tobias and the Half-Pariah, for help.

Chapter 3 needs time to be written and thought out.

But until then, do enjoy the first two chapters.

2D scenes that goes along with the story will be coming up, soon, but even though I'm going to make them, some of you, like :icontrainman3985:, :iconsteamdiesel:, or someone else like them can make them if you wish, too.
Jeremiah and the Midnight Hunter – a story and film by Jarrod Prieto

Chapter 1: Jeremiah/Jarrod

Jarrod (narrating): My name is Jeremiah… Jarrod for short, and that’s my real name.  I was a black medium-sized 2-6-2 tank engine working on the main and branch lines of London’s Midland and Scottish railway, associated with the British Railways.  They were both modest railways in Europe, and I was the youngest tank engine around.

My beautiful and lovely wife, Belle, and her sister Bianca have stuck with me for many years, through all the good times, and bad.  Belle was a fire engine and Bianca was a Red Cross engine.

They were always there when I needed them, even in times of need.

Each and every day, and even if I did it alone, I would travel the rails on the LMS and British Railways, carrying passengers in my own orange coaches, and other coaches.  Then I would also carry goods and freight from harbors, markets and villages to towns, farms and shops down the line.

Whenever I had a heavy load, or too much to do, Belle and Bianca, or perhaps both, would always pitch in and help.

And there were times where I myself would be needed to work, even on short notice, whenever any other engines from my class weren’t available.

But Belle and Bianca were the only two that I had ever befriended, and had shown me any love, kindness and friendship.

There were times where I myself had to keep an eye on one or both of them, as well as check their ego and all.

They both could be sneaky at times, as well as overbearing at times, but I loved them both, very much.

Belle was the best wife I could ever have.

But then, hard times came.  There were suddenly very few trains for me to pull or take, because some tank engines of my class had gone to the back of sheds, to be stripped of their parts to repair some modern-day engines.

One by one, some tank engines of my class and Belle’s, like the late E2s, were being decommissioned, or put into museums for display.

Because of that, we not only had fewer trains to take, but people were travelling by road and modern-day rail.

I hardly had any passengers and goods to take, and Belle and Bianca had little to do, making them feel sad.

We tried to make things the way we once had them, but it was no use, and all too much.

Only one tank engine of my class had been preserved and worked on a different railway.  I was now the only one left of my kind, or so I thought.

And there were very few of Belle and Bianca’s kind, still in service, awaiting overhauls or still in works sheds, waiting for boilers and such.

It felt like my end was coming near, since I was hardly having any service.

I thought that this would be the end of the line for me, my beloved wife, and my sister-in-law.

We were ready for the end, but as it turned out, fate had something else in mind, and we didn’t know if it would take its turn for the better or worse.
JATMH, Chapter 1
Well, here we are, with the long overdue first chapter of Jeremiah and the Midnight Hunter, written by me, based on the story, Tobias and the Half-Pariah, from and inspired by :icontinesaeriel:.

I still have yet to make 2D scenes that goes along with the story, but even though I'm going to, some of you, like :icontrainman3985:, :iconsteamdiesel:, or someone like them can make them if you wish.

Just follow along with the movie Tobias and the Half-Pariah, for help.

The second chapter will be coming along shortly, since I only have part of it done.

But for now, here's the first chapter.

And remember...

Rated: PG-13 for Intense Screenshots, Frightening Images/Scary Scenes, and Some Language


FavoriteArtMan's Profile Picture
Jarrod Prieto
United States
I'm an artist. I am a fan of everything. I commemorate and honor those who died, I am an Olympic equestrian; meaning I once competed for the Olympics in Howard County. I won six different trophies, twelve ribbons, seven gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal. I have poster awards and honors. I even have blessings from Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI. I've drawn many artistic things, mostly by scratch, and I am also very creative.

But sometimes, I watch movies, play video games and listen to music. I like traveling (my mom calls that term "Itchy feet!), and I love to tell stories. Lastly, I am honest, truthful, willing to forgive.

Awards & Honors

Howard County Police Community Service Award- August 1st, 1996
Perfect Attendance Award- Elkridge Elementary School, June 19th, 1996
Boy Scout Life Saving Award- October 15th, 1998
Howard County Music Festival- Second Place Soloist- April 1st, 2000
Howard County Police Citizen Award- Community Service Award- April 6th, 2000
Therapeutic Riding Center Community Service Award- Volunteer Appreciation- January 19th, 2002
Apostolic Blessing- Pope John Paul II-- May 24th, 1998
Apostilic Blessing- Pope Benedict XVI- April 17th, 2005
Altar Server of the Year- Diocese of St. Petersburg- April 29th, 2007

Professional Experience

Actor Dec 1995 to April 2003
Television: PSA: Campaign for kids- Teen Sex Abstinence PSA- National Broadcast April 2003
PSA: Howard County GTV: Bicycle Safety PSA- 1999
PSA: Howard County GTV: Drunk Driving PSA- 1999
Paramount Pictures Corp.- 30-Minute Promotional Tourist Video with original Star Trek cast- August 1995


Seton Home School/Home Education
Current GPA 3.98- Graduated in 2009, Diploma Issued by the school
3rd Chair Clarinet in School Band, GPA 3.14

Family tragedies

December 4th, 1998- My father was hit by a drunk driver on the 2nd of December, and he was pronounced dead at 11:45 on the 4th.

October 1999- We lost our first home.

November 1st, 1999- The person who killed my father was fined $350, which caused us to lose our first home.

December 2nd, 2001- My mother got a broken knee from a swinging 20-mile-an-hour church door.

May 30th, 2003, the day 'Finding Nemo' was in theaters, while riding my bicycle home from school, less than a mile from home, I was hit by a car. I was badly hurt. The bike was sluggish. With the front fork badly bent, there was no way it could be fixed. The next day, the homeowner closed the lease on the house, and we lost our second home.

July 19th, 2005- My mother ended up in a wheelchair, no thanks to some nitwitted doctor!

2006- We lost our 3rd home, and moved to Florida.

September 28th, 2007- We lost our 4th home, and moved down here in Hudson.

January 2008- While bicycling to a nearby bread store, to keep dry, because of incoming rain, I was hit by a second car. I wasn't seriously hurt, but after helping me up, the driver left. So it was a hit-and-run, and it resulted in me, limping home on my bicycle. Luckily, the bike wasn't destroyed this time.

July 26th, 2008- 20 days after I came home from Texas, after seeing my brother and sister, my grandfather passed away. He was 73 years old.

October 2008- We left our old home, and moved into a rent-to-own house in Lily Pad Court.

2009- Lost our home in Lily Pad Court, but even as the year started, the house still has not yet been sold.

Throughout all those tragedies, especially in my elementary, middle and high school, I've lost a truckload of at least 49 friends in my neighborhoods.


Special Olympics Howard County Equestrian Team- five years in competition
Winner of 7 Gold Medals, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze, and 2 trophies
Altar Server- St. Ambrose Church, Cheverly, MD

Altar Server- St. Paul's Catholic Church, Ellicott City, MD
Altar Server- Sacred Heart Church, Dade City, FL

Community Service

Therapeutic & Recreational Riding Center- Glenwood, MD- Swept Floors weekly
Beans & Bread Homeless Shelter- Ellicott City, MD- Swept floors, worked serving food line
Elkridge Senior Center- Elkridge, MD- Assisted Seniors- helped to entertain Seniors

Hobbies & Interests

Long-distance bike riding, helping my mother around the house, since she cannot walk. I like doing some exercising, meeting new people, telling stories and jokes, converting 1:24 scale NASCAR race cars into Cars characters. I often enjoy making slideshows, making meals for dinner, cooking, making videos to put onto youtube, even making videos by video camera. I also like playing video games, online games, racing games, and much, much more!

Movies & TV Shows

The movies and TV shows I love the best are The Land Before Time (meaning the films and episodes), Thomas The Tank Engine, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, The Polar Express, all Pixar films, with the exception of AUp@, since I have no interest in it, nor does my mother. Anyway, I also enjoy watching the Pixar Shorts, 'Everybody Hates Chris', Disney Short films in the 30s to the 70s, Static Shock, TITANIC, and her sister, BRITTANIC, the LUSITANIA. I even enjoy movies of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jr., Kight Rider, MacGyver, Spider-Man, meaning The Animated Series, the movies, and Spider-Man Unlimited. I also love both Charlotte=s Web movies, Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command, Transformers, meaning the films and Transformers Cybertron. My least favorites are Both Bambi movies, both movies of The Fox And The Hound, and Gladiator. My few favorite movies and TV shows are are Star Wars, NASCAR on Fox, AEmergency!@, starring Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe, Rain Man, Bambi, Dumbo, Disney's 'Fantasia' (especially the Rite of Spring, since it is my favorite), and >Fantasia 2000=, >Dinosaur=, and some science movies, even some from National Geographic and Nova. My all time favorite is >Hero Of The Rails=. And sad and heartbreaking though some of them may be, I even learn about movies of 9/11, such as World Trade Center, Flight 93, and Inside 9/11.


The music I enjoy listening to is some songs by Helmut Lotti, Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman, Rascall Flatts, Brad Paisley, Gordon Lightfoot, and Bobby Darin. From the movies, my least favorite music is from Top Gun, Cars, Star Wars, Flight 93, TITANIC, Simple Plan, even music from >Fly Away Home=, Simon & Garfunkel, Don Mc Lean, Evanescence, Sheena Easton, Gladiator, and Final Fantasy VII. My few favorites musics are from Celtic Bagpipes, Hoobastank, World Trade Center, The Statler Brothers, Star Wars, Coldplay, Josh Groban, Russel Watson, ABBA, The Land Before Time, Johnny Cash (Casey Jones), Sweetbox, The Beu Sisters, and Mike Posts 'Macgyver' theme, the Knight Rider theme, and a few tracks from The Lion King II.

Books & Comics

The books I enjoy the most are about TITANIC, Joke Books, the LUSITANIA, The Complete Thomas the Tank Engine Collection, and The Polar Express. My upmost favorite books are The Land Before Time, Bambi, Ghost Liners, Spider-Man Comics, and whatever else captures my interest, and whatever else I come across. Or, for that matter, whatever I can get my hands on.

Childhood heroes

Dale Jarrett Retired NASCAR Winston/Nextel/Sprint Cup driver of the #88/#44 UPS Ford/Toyota

Games I enjoy playing the most

Since I have Playstation 1, the games I enjoy all the time are Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Enter: Electro, NASCARs 99 and 99 Legacy, NASCAR 2000, NASCAR Thunders 2002-2004, X-Men: Mutant Academy 2, Mega Man 8 and X4, Disney/Pixar's Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command, Disney Pixar's Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue!, Air Combat and Top Gun: Fire At Will. Since I have a computer as well, I also enjoy Sonic & Knuckles Collection, Monsters, Inc.: Bowling For Screams, Big Dirt Movers, and Chex (R) Quest, since that game was released in Chex cereal boxes in 1996. On Playstation 3, my favorite games are the Ridge Racer 7 demo, Burnout Paradise demo, Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and whatever else amazes and interests me.

Famous People I've met

Dale Jarrett
The Original Star Trek cast
Helmut Lotti
Michael Crawford
Sarah Brightman
Patrick Stewart
Sir Derek Jacobi
John Paul II

I have done so many great arts throughout my life. I mean, I have drawn almost all of the characters from The Land Before Time, and I even drew some different dinosaurs. I have even drawn and colored some pictures of Bambi. The other arts that I drew and cut out were Charlotte from the 1973 movie 'Charlotte's Web', Charlotte's daughters from 'Charlotte's Web 2', and from at least four NASCAR coloring and activity books, I drew and cut out images of what Tony Stewart's #14, Jeff Gordon's #24, Jimmie Johnson's #48 and Earnhardt, Jr's #88 cars would look like in the Pixar movie 'Cars'.

Places I've been to, in my past

I have been to New York, to see and meet Sir Derek Jacobi after one of his plays. I have been to Baltimore, at least once or twice, to see the B&O Railroad Museum. I have even been to Washington D.C., often to go to Arlington Cemetery to see my father, and to have a picnic lunch at Fort McHenry. I=ve even been to Boston, Alexandria, Gettysburg, and the Vatican, at least two times. The reason why I went to Gettysburg, was because I was on a field trip, one day, and I wanted to see what the battlefield looked like today, after the civil war. And just recently, in 2008, I went to Texas and Oklahoma to see my older brother and sister. My sisters kids were hard to get along with, but I managed to set them straight. I haven=t had the chance to meet my niece that year, but I hope to do so one day, since I plan to go back to Texas and Oklahoma one day.

Those are all the places I=ve been to around the 90s, and in 2008.

Places I wish I could go to, and why

The first place I wish I could go to is Japan, because ever since I heard that that was where Hiro's Island was, I've been curious about it ever since. I mean, I may have already learned about it in school, for history class, but what I am more deeply interested in, is the island itself, as it is today. I mean, according to Hiro, there are mountains and snow and sea. What other mountains are there, besides Mt. Fuji? How often does it snow? Anyway, what I am even more interested in is, ever since Hiro mentioned it, the railways. I mean, according to him, there are lots of railways. The train I am most interested in riding on, is the D51 498, since that's the train Hiro is based on.

The second place I wish I could go to is New York City, because not only have I been there once, even before 9/11, though I was annoyed with it, until 2006, I thought about visiting Ground Zero, to see where the World Trade Center once stood. I have even thought about laying a Holy Wreath on Ground Zero, too.

The third place I wish I could go to is Shanksville, Pennsylvania, because I feel like seeing the site where Flight 93 crashed.

There are so many other places I wish I could go to, but I never, ever had the chance.

Whom I honored after their death, and why

The first person I had honored after his death was George Carlin, because I enjoyed him not only as Mr. Conductor in Shining Time Station, and as well as one of the best Thomas narrators throughout season 1-4, but I never heard of his death, until August of 2008. When he first died, I was mad for sever al months about it. In fact I was upset about it, and I made a decision to never again watch Thomas The Tank Engine, but I couldn't help myself. Therefore, on youtube, I honored him with the song 'My Immortal' by Evanscence, and I made a Thomas & Friends video to go with it.

The second person I had honored after his death was Thomas & Friends director David Mitton, because not only have I never heard of him at all, until I looked him up on I mean, I have never heard of his death until the same day I found out about George Carlin's death. When David first died, I was even madder about it. And so, on youtube, I honored both George and David with the song 'How Could This Happen To Me' by Simple Plan, and I made another Thomas & Friends video to go with it.

The third event that I had honored after it occurred, was all the victims of the Columbine High School Massacre, because I never heard of it, or actually seen it, until I first saw the Static Shock episode 'Jimmy', where, according to the description, a bullied youth brings a gun to school. I mean, after I first saw 'Jimmy', I never thought school violence would be that aggressive. Apparently I thought wrong. Then, when my mother showed me a video of the Columbine High School Massacre, by seeing it mostly from Eric Harris' and Dylan Klebold's point of view, I learned how those two "left out" and bullied youths committed the worst high school massacre in American history. On the video, I saw them kill 12 students, one teacher, injured 23 others, and then turned their guns on themselves. I was glad my mother had taken me out of public school, seven years after that, because since I was a bullied youth in high school as well, I almost wanted to avenge Eric and Dylan, and commit another high school massacre of my own, but I'm glad I didn't. Therefore, since I've never heard of the Columbine Massacre until 2009, I honored all the shooting victims with the song 'Amazing Grace' by the Celtic Bagpipes, and I made a video about it, too. I chose that song, because not only was it heard in Star Trek IV: The Wrath Of Khan, but it's what most Scottish and American Bagpipers play at funerals to honor some famous people that died.

Current Residence: Hudson, Florida
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L-XL
Print preference: Unknown
Favourite genre of music: Any
Favourite photographer: Any
Favourite style of art: Any
Operating System: Any
MP3 player of choice: Any
Shell of choice: Not sure
Wallpaper of choice: Unknown
Skin of choice: Any
Favourite cartoon character: Charlotte the Spider
Personal Quote: Uh, forget I said that!
If any of you guys had seen this Should I Voice For WNN, MLP Gmoders, Or Not? by FavoriteArtMan there's one vote for yes, so far.

What do you all think?

You can even pass this on, if you wish.

Unsure: 0
No: 0
Yes: 1

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I am comissioning someone to make a sketchup 8 model of Belle, my sweetheart, her sister, Bianca and myself, for Trainz Simulator, and currently I only have 11 points.

For anyone who is curious to give me the extra points, here is what I am offering:

10 points goes to a fanfiction of your choice
5 points goes for either a trainsona sprite or a ponysona vector
20 points for comics of your preference
30 points for TUFFsona face drawing

I would kindly appriciate any generous offers for one or all of those options.

And, in return, for all people who use Trainz, I will personally give you a copy of the models.

If any Trainz users are close friends of mine, note me and I will tell you what will happen when the models are done.

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Belle may not be the design you were expecting but tell me what you think when you see it.
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Yes, you can call me that, and I took a look at both Belle and Flynn just now, and I have too say that that's not too bad.

A very good piece of work, although you were right about the design I was expecting.

Very impressive, regardless.
SUP-FAN Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thx Handshake 
FavoriteArtMan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
NP. :handshake:
RadiotonePictures Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi Jarrod.
EuanM1 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Student Writer
Um Jarrod... Hello, I hope you remember me from a comment or two but I'm EuanM1, everyone calls me Euan Mort though. I've been talking to Cameron (Lgee14) and he says that you're a great friend to have, are you?
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